Field demonstration in vineyards (en)

Increase farmer awareness of drift managing tools: promotional campaign about the use of OVRA tools and SDRT

Sub-Action B6.2. Field demostration

This field demonstration took place in October 2020, as part of a technical tour organized in several places, France, by IFV and its partners, the departmental Chambers of Agriculture and the CUMA federation.

The aim of these field demonstrations was to demonstrate the interest to use sprayers and tools reducing drift (sprayers with recovery panel, face to face sprayers with low-drift nozzles). A specific time was dedicated to present the LIFE PERFECT project and its first results, thanks to a poster (Figure 2).

The attendance was mostly winegrowers, and the events took place 4 times in different places in the Languedoc-Roussillon area.

Figure 1. The flyer to advertise the field demo of the 21st of October, in Hérault, France.

Around 350 people attended the 4 field demonstrations: Figure 2 to 3. Communication on social media was also done (Figure 4).

Figure 2. The poster presented at each field demo. It explains that drift is 20 times lower with a tunnel sprayer than with a pneumatic sprayer.

Figure 3. Demonstration in progress with the Italian tunnel sprayer Bertoni. Explanations from the constructor (22nd October, Aude, France)

Figure 4. Another face-to-face sprayer, with low-drift nozzles. The field demonstration was organized in association with the CUMA federation and the Chambres d’Agricultures of the area. (22nd October, Aude, France).

Figure 5. Social communication about the field demonstration on Twitter. (22nd October)

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