PERFECT (PEsticide Reduction using Friendly and Environmentally Controlled Technologies) is a European project funded by the Life call of the European Commission that runs from September 2018 to September 2022. With a total budget of 2 M €. 


“Reducing the use and release of pesticides into the environment through easy-to-use tools and technologies”


We are a working team project of 8 partners involving Research Centres, Universities, Cooperatives, Private Companies and Wine Producers. All members of the PERFECT consortium have great experience in their fields and some of them are reference organizations in their areas.


To demonstrate the reduction of the environmental contamination of pesticides and their metabolites in the air using Optimal Volume Rate Adjustment tools (OVRA) and drift reducing tools (SDRT) which will lead to a decrease of the pesticide risk for fauna, flora and humans. Besides a new ultra-fast, sensitive and time resolved technology for the analysis of pesticides will be developed to assess the application of pesticides from a health standpoint, in real agricultural conditions


To achieve the established objectives, different types of actions have been programmed

A. Preparatory actions 100%
B. Implemented actions 50%
C. Monitoring the impact 50%
D. Public awareness and dissemination 60%
E. Project management 60%


The work of the PERFECT project is presented as different reports, documents, materials and software products to be achieved. Some deliverables are dependent on other deliverables being completed first and producing multiple successive milestones.

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