OVRA Tools
Optimal Volume Rate Adjustment Tools

These tools recommend a spray water volume taking into account the characteristics of the vegetation and orchard, the pest and the product. The use of these tools will result in a reduction of spray volume respect to the conventionally used by farmers. As a consequence a decrease of the use of pesticides and a more sustainable use of them will be achieved.



Dosaviña® is a tool for determining the optimal volume rate for pesticide spray application in trellis vines based on the adapted method of Leaf Wall Area (LWA)


CitrusVol is a tool that calculates the optimal volume rate (L/ha) for pesticide applications with airblast sprayers in adult citrus orchards, based on the canopy characteristics, target pest and pesticide.

Spray Drift Reducing Techniques and Tools

The Spray Drift Reducing Techniques and Tools help the farmer understand the factors influencing spraydrift of Plant Protection Products and how mitigation measures can be used to reduce it.

TOOPS-Prowadis drift evaluation tools

The tools were developed within the European TOPPS-PROWADIS project with the collaboration of experts and scientists from seven Countries. The tools evaluate the risk of spraydrift when treating open field crops, orchards and vineyards according to climatic and operative conditions.


TOPPS-PROWADIS Drift Evaluation Tool for Citrus. The citrus evaluation tool was developed as an extension of the European TOPPS – project (www.TOPPS-drift.org) The project was supported by the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA).


The tool (available in Spanish, Italian, French and English) forecasts the vertical distribution pattern of air-assisted sprayers according to the sprayer settings and to orchards’ characteristics.


Tool to predict vertical spray profiles from air-assisted sprayers employed in citrus orchards.

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