DOSAVIÑA 2.0 (en)

Dosviña® is a decision support system to determine the optimal volume application rate of pesticides in the trellised vineyard allowing to reduce the amount of pesticides by more than 20% in comparison to conventional application.

Within the activities of the PERFECT project, the current version is updated for alternative training systems to trellis like goblet and pergola/tendone systems. Field tests were arranged during the 2019 campaign allowing the determination and validation of this new version that it is expected to reduce spray losses by around 20% in comparison to a non-adjusted spray application.

For this reason, the updated version of Dosaviña new screens have been added (Figure 1), dedicated to this alternative training systems, goblet and pergola/tendode, were canopy characteristics (height, width, density) are defined.

For both training systems, a conventional sprayer with an axial fan is considered. In addition, for trellis system, a pneumatic sprayer is added. This allows to match special requirements of France vineyard management.

The new version will be launched for farmers and advisors at the beginning of this 2021 campaign.

Examples of a new screens for Updated Dosaviña.

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