CITRUSVOL 2.0 (en)

A new web CitrusVol has been developed and it is freely accessible in www.citrusvol.com. It facilitates the access to the users to this OVRA Tool. Currently, it is only available in Spanish, but it is being translated to English, Italian and French.

Frontpage of the CITRUSVOL webpage

This update includes, in addition to the volume rate recommendation for traditional citrus orchards with globular tree shape, new recommendations of volume rate to intensive and super-intensive citrus orchards with hedgerow vegetation shape.

Screenshot of the CITRUSVOL too for volume recommendation

Furthermore, there is a new Agrovademecum section very useful for citrus growers to look for plant protection products authorized for citrus crop, which is linked with the Spanish Official Registry webpage and is updated in real-time. Moreover, it allows looking for registry sheets of products that are already banned, indicating the banning date as well.

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